Metal Building Maintenance Tips

When you spend money on a metal building you want to be sure it will last. In order to get the most use possible out of your building you’ll need to perform routine maintenance to prevent premature wear and tear. Metal buildings in North Carolina can last for decades when proper care is taken. Follow these metal building maintenance tips to keep yours looking good and functioning properly for many years.  

  • Trim trees and bushesCut back any bushes that are close enough to touch the building, as they can cause damage to the exterior. Keep trees trimmed and keep an eye out for dead branches that are likely to fall and damage the roof.  
  • Clear off snow. It doesn’t snow often on metal buildings in North Carolina, but when it does it’s important to clear the snow off as soon as possible. Snow puts an incredible amount of weight on the building and can promote rusting. 
  • Wash the exterior and interior. A pressure washer will usually do the trick to remove dirt and grime from the exterior. Inspect your metal building periodically and look for any signs of dirt buildup and wash your building if you see any. Dirt can eventually turn into mold or cause your building to prematurely rust. Simply keeping it clean will prolong the life of your building. How you wash the inside of your building will depend on how you use the interior and whether or not you have insulation. Spray, scrub, or wipe down interior walls and floors as you see fit. 
  • Keep gutters and drains clear. It’s necessary to fight the build-up of debris in your gutters and drains. A clogged drainage system can cause mold growth and rusting. Clear out drains, as necessary, more often if your building is under trees.  
  • Inspect all doors. Check on your doors frequently, including both garage doors and entry doors. Oil hinges and grease the moving parts of your sliding garage door, whether manual or automatic. Check weather stripping and make sure moisture isn’t leaking in. 
  • Check insulation. If your metal building is insulated, check for any cracks, holes, or signs of moisture which could turn into mold growth. Seal up any openings to prevent outside air and moisture from getting inside your metal building. 
  • Cosmetic maintenance. Occasionally you may need to prime and repaint some areas if you notice scratches or scrapes. Paint and primer offer a much needed layer of protection for the steel your building is made of.  

Take the Time to Protect your Investment 

Metal buildings are durable and offer an affordable alternative to wood or brick buildings. They even require less maintenance than buildings made of other materials, but maintenance is still necessary. Anything you own, if you want it to last, will likely require some type of maintenance. Whether it’s cleaning, repair, painting, etc. it’s an important step that will help to prolong the life of your building and allow it to function more efficiently. Metal buildings in North Carolina, though not as often exposed to ice and snow, will face a lot of humidity during the spring, summer, and fall. Humidity can cause moisture damage when not properly managed.  

If you have any questions about proper maintenance for your metal building, call VMS and Concrete: (336) 799-4416.  

Metal Building Installation Checklist

Before having a metal outdoor shed building installed there are some necessary preparations that need to be made. Whether it’s being installed by the manufacturer or you’re planning to do it yourself, being prepared means you don’t want to miss a single thing that would prevent your building from being started and completed on time. Follow this checklist to be sure your building site is ready to go on the day of installation. 

___ Obtain any necessary permits. If a permit is required for you to construct a metal outbuilding on your property, you must have obtained it before installation can begin.  

___ Clear all vegetation from the area. It’s important that everything from grass to weeds to bushes is cleared out from the building site. 

___ Level the area. Do your best to create a level base for your outdoor shed building. This could also be handled by your installers, but be sure to plan ahead of time who will handle this step.  

___ Concrete will need to be poured in advance. If your building will have a concrete floor, it must be poured at least 72 hours in advance to have plenty of time to set before installation. Be sure this is scheduled properly with your metal building supplier. 

___ Ensure open access to the building site. Move all vehicles, objects, or other obstacles that would prevent the building team from being able to access the construction area with their vehicles, equipment, and supplies.  

___ Establish an inclement weather plan. Know what to expect in the case that bad weather prevents the installation project from getting started or halts it mid-progress. Talk to your installers and establish an inclement weather plan in advance. 

By checking off each item on this list, you will be well prepared for installation of an outdoor shed building on your property. Stay in communication with your installers in case of any last minute changes or additional requirements. If you are planning to install your building yourself, many of these items still apply to some degree. Be sure to read all instructions that come with your kit before beginning your installation project. Have all the necessary tools and supplies ready in advance.  

Manufacturer Installation Offers Many Benefits 

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to have your outdoor shed building installed by the manufacturer. 

  • Ensure installation is done properly. If you want the job done right, hire a team with experience. VMS and Concrete manufactures and installs all products with accuracy and precision.  
  • Save time. VMS will have your metal building constructed quickly and efficiently.  
  • Reduce stress. Save yourself a lot of hassle by letting the experts handle the installation of your outdoor shed building. 

Call VMS and Concrete today and take advantage of the full range of services offered, from custom building design to installation, so you’ll know your building is in capable hands. (336) 799-4416