Turn Your Metal Shed into a Man Cave

It can be hard to find space in the typical home for a man cave. Sure, the idea of having your own space where you can watch TV, play games, or just relax with friends is extremely appealing – but where would you create that space in your house? If there are no rooms available, look to your backyard. By adding a metal shed that you can turn into a custom man cave, you’ll get a spot to call your own without taking up any valuable square footage in the house.


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Why a Metal Shed?

There is a lot to like about using a metal shed as the starting point for a new man cave. For one thing, metal sheds are rather affordable and can offer a long useful life. And, given how easy they are to customize, you should have little trouble ordering one in precisely the right size for your needs. Once the shed has been installed on your property, you’ll have a blank slate inside and you’ll be free to bring your vision to life.


Some Key Points to Consider

As you get ready to start this project, there are some important points to keep in mind. The first has to do with electricity. Do your man cave plans include equipment that will need to be powered up? If you are going to have a TV in your man cave, for example, you’ll obviously need a source of power. Work with a licensed electrician to have power properly – and safely – supplied to this space.


Another possibility for your man cave is running water. If you want to have a functional bar in the space, for example, running water would be a big bonus. Just like with electricity, you’ll want to turn to a licensed professional for help, so reach out to plumbers in your area to discuss the project.


Be Intentional with Your Design

The great thing about starting from scratch and building a man cave in a new metal shed is that you can think about each individual element that you want to include. Decide on the purpose for this space from the start and then pick and choose what you will add – and what you will leave behind. Remember, even a simple man cave can be a great space to spend time if it is designed intentionally. If all you want is a place to read books and relax, your ideal man cave may consist of nothing more than a comfortable chair, a light, and a small table.


The best man caves are those that fit the needs and desires of their owners perfectly. Whether you aim to create a stripped-down space that serves as a place of solitude in a busy world, or you want an exciting room with all of the latest and greatest technology, a simple metal shed can serve as an ideal home base.


Can Outdoor Metal Buildings Withstand Hurricanes?

Living in North Carolina, hurricanes are always a threat. While everyone hopes that a major hurricane never takes aim at their region, the possibility is looming. So, whenever you think about building a new structure on your property, hurricanes are an important thing to keep in mind. Metal buildings can face the brunt of hurricane conditions and come out standing on the other side, but they need to be properly designed and constructed.


If you are shopping for a sturdy metal shed for your residential or commercial property, Vega Metal Structures should be your first call. With a range of structures available and a track record of excellent customer service, Vega is an easy pick for this project.


The Obvious Threat

The tremendous winds that come with a hurricane are the major threat to your outdoor metal shed. Since metal buildings are relatively light compared to wooden structures, the wind could potentially pull them from the ground and send them flying into the air. However, by taking the proper precautions to prepare for such an event, you can make sure your metal structure can survive whatever Mother Nature has in store.


Proper Design is Critical

If building a new metal structure in a hurricane zone, it’s important to design the building strategically from the start. For one thing, putting in a good foundation that will stay in place while the hurricane rolls through is a solid starting point. Metal sheds that are placed on bare soil will have a harder time surviving harsh conditions because they won’t have firm footing – the heavy rains can erode that soil and rob the shed of its support.


Also, using quality steel that has been coated to resist rust can help a metal building fare better in a hurricane. This is why it’s so important to shop with a trusted name like Vega Metal Structures. You want to be sure to get a product that is made from materials that are likely to hold up over the long run.


Attending to an Older Metal Building

What if you already have a metal structure on your property and you don’t think it is prepared to deal with hurricane conditions? It’s possible to retrofit the structure with a kit that will give it a better chance to hold up in high winds and heavy rains. Anchoring the shed to the ground through the use of straps and plates might not guarantee that the building will get through a hurricane, but it will be better prepared for those conditions than if it was left alone.



Weigh Your Risks and Get Help

The risk that a hurricane will present to your buildings depends on a number of factors, including the exact location of your property. To figure out how to prepare for this kind of event, work with a metal building supplier like Vega who can bring experience and knowledge to the discussion. It’s better to plan for something like a hurricane in advance than to scramble at the last minute to make arrangements. With the right steps taken and a sturdy building put in place, you will be able to get many years of reliable service out of your investment.

What Other Uses Do Carports Have?

As the name would indicate, carports have been traditionally used to store, well, cars. And of course, parking a car under a carport is a great use for this type of structure, but that is only one option. If you add a carport to your property, you will soon find that it can be used for many other productive applications.


Vega Metal is one of the leading metal building contractors and a great choice for your upcoming carport project. No matter what intended use you have in mind for this new carport, Vega Metal will make for a great partner.


Parking – for Other Vehicles

You might own more than just passenger vehicles, and you may need a place to store those toys out of the weather. For instance, if you own a boat or RV, a carport is a great place to keep them safe from the rain, snow, etc. One of the great things about metal carports is that they can easily be constructed with high roof heights, allowing the clearance you would need for something like a motorhome. If you don’t want your expensive boat, RV, or other toys to degrade by being left out in the weather, add a carport for an affordable storage option right away.


A Storage Space

Some items don’t necessarily need to be stored inside, but they also can’t be left out in the weather. If you have an enclosed garage on your property that is already full of things you need a store, a carport may be a great way to add storage space without incurring the cost associated with building another enclosed structure. Some possibilities for items you can store under a carport include farm equipment, yard tools, gear for animals, and more.


A Covered Workshop

This is one of the most exciting options on our list. If you have long wanted to create a workshop for yourself, but never have had the room in your budget for the project, a metal carport is a great option. You’ll enjoy cost savings over other kinds of construction while still getting the covered space you need to get down to work on some cool projects.


Woodworking in your carport is one great possibility. The open-air sides will make for better air conditions than allowing dust to collect in an enclosed shop, but you will still have protection from rain for yourself and your tools. A carport can also work in tandem with an enclosed space to create a versatile, enjoyable shop space.


Very Few Limitations

Ultimately, the use of your new metal building is up to you. With a roof over your head, you will suddenly have transformed a basic outdoor space into an area that you can use for countless purposes. And it should be noted that your use of this carport is likely to evolve over time. You may start out with one purpose in mind only to find that you are using this durable building for something entirely different in the future.

Will a Metal Building Pay for Itself When I Sell My House?

Metal storage buildingIf you are thinking of investing in a new metal building for your property, you may be wondering about the long-term return on that investment. Will the metal building add any value when the time does come to sell your house? There are a few things to keep in mind on this point, so it’s important to consider all of the related details as you make a buying decision.


When you are ready to start this project, or if you need more information, contact Vega Metal for assistance. As a trusted metal building dealer, Vega Metal is a great choice for this type of project.


A Durable Product

The first thing to understand about a metal building is that it is a durable addition to your property that should stand the test of time nicely. Unlike wood buildings, metal requires very little maintenance and tends to hold up well when dealing with the elements. This is especially true when you buy from a respected dealer like Vega Metal. A building you purchase from a lesser-known business may not be as reliable, so it’s important to go with a dealer who has built a quality reputation in this industry.


Making the Right Decisions

You can’t just add a metal building to your property randomly and expect it to increase the value of your house as a whole. In the end, the amount of value that you get back out of this investment will depend on some of the small decisions you make along the way. For instance, consider the following points –


  • Where will the carport be located? If you pick a convenient, logical location for your metal building, it will add more value than if it is in an awkward, annoying spot.
  • How big is the structure? A small metal building might not add much value for a buyer, but a large structure will provide for many possibilities.
  • Does it have a foundation? Building your metal structure on a concrete slab is another step that will make it more versatile, and more appealing.


Most likely, having a metal building on your property will be seen as a positive by potential buyers when the time comes to sell. However, if you make too many unconventional choices in terms of size or location, it’s possible but not likely that a poor quality metal building may actually take away from the attractiveness of your property as a whole.


Finding the Right Buyer

The great thing about selling real estate is that you will be able to put your property on the market and allow the offers to come in as they will. That means that even if some of the potential buyers don’t like what you have done with your metal building choices, there is likely to be someone out there who loves what it offers. If you can find at least a couple of those buyers who are drawn to the property in part because of the metal building, there is a good chance you will get most or all of your money back from this project.

How Metal Buildings Add Value to Your Property

Are you considering adding a metal building to your home or property? Metal barns, sheds, outbuildings, and carports are affordable additions that are well worth the investment. Metal outbuildings come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. Most are even customizable, allowing you to create a building that precisely suits your needs. Metal buildings add value to your property in a variety of ways. 


Storage Space

One of the most valuable qualities of a home or property to potential buyers is storage space. It seems you can never have too much indoor or outdoor storage space, and metal sheds and outbuildings provide just that. Simply having a place to store yard tools is useful to homeowners. 


Vehicle Protection

Adding an attached or detached carport or garage is another valuable resource, because it provides shelter for your vehicles. Parking your car, RV, boat, motorcycle, or other vehicle under a carport or in a garage protects it from weather damage and theft. 


Animal Housing

Metal barns provide housing for horses and other farm animals. If your property is big enough for a farm or stables, a metal barn is an addition worth investing in. Adding a metal barn or building can also be an affordable part of converting your property into a farm. 


Workshop or Hobby Space

If you need a place outside of the house for a workshop, art studio, craft shed, or even an exercise space, a metal outbuilding is versatile enough for a variety of uses. 


Add Value to Your Home with a Building from Vega Metal Structures

If you’re looking for a low cost option that is sure to add value to your home, consider adding a metal building to your property. From carports to sheds to barns, a metal building manufactured and installed by Vega Metal Structures and Concrete offers excellent return on investment. 

Call (336) 799-4416 today or request a quote. Vega Metal Structures provides foundation and installation services in addition to metal building manufacturing.

Prefab Metal Better Than Stick Built Shed?

Are you planning on adding a shed to your property? If so, there are a couple of ways to go about it. You could build one on site out of wood, or you could order a prefabricated metal building that just needs to be installed. While both have their benefits, there are many reasons why a prefab metal building is the better choice. 

Advantages of a Prefabricated Metal Buildings

If you’re trying to decide between prefabricated metal buildings and stick built sheds, here are the biggest advantages to metal.


  • A prefab metal building is more affordable than a stick built shed. Once you add up the cost of materials and the time it takes to build a wood outbuilding, you’ll see the difference immediately. Metal building manufacturers buy materials in bulk and can make these buildings quickly and efficiently, which reduces the overall cost. 
  • Quick to Install. Metal building installation is fast. The pieces go together quickly and easily, only taking a small team of installers to construct it. Once the foundation is prepared, the building itself can go up in a single day in many cases. You can even do it yourself if you’re so inclined. Some metal buildings come preconstructed and only need to be anchored down. 
  • Even though metal buildings are prefabricated doesn’t mean they can’t still be customized. Every detail from size, windows, door style, color, accents, and more can be made exactly the way you want it. Customization is easier with prefab metal than with stick-built designs. Metal buildings can even be made to match the color of your home to comply with the requirements of your homeowner’s association. 
  • Prefabricated metal buildings are made of steel, which is durable, rust-resistant, pest-resistant, and low maintenance. It only requires an occasional washing, as opposed to wood, which is susceptible to rotting due to moisture, pests like wood bees, and other effects of weather. Steel simply lasts longer.  
  • Concrete foundation. Metal buildings are often installed on a concrete foundation, which is remarkably sturdy and stands the test of time. It also provides a flat, dry foundation for storage, vehicles, and any other purpose. 


Why Purchase a Prefabricated Building by Vega Metal Structures And Concrete?

In addition to the benefits of prefab buildings in general, metal buildings by Vega Metal Structures and Concrete have their own distinct advantages. VMS is also a concrete expert,  pouring the concrete foundation for your metal building to the exact specifications needed for it. Vega Metal Buildings are made from top quality steel and precision engineering. You can design your own outbuilding using our online design tool and order it directly from the website. 


Call (336) 799-4416 to inquire about purchasing a metal building or request a quote

Metal Carports Add Value to Home and Autos

Are you considering a metal carport? Adding a carport can add significant value to your home, as well as preserve the value of the vehicles you park underneath. Your home and your car are probably the largest financial investments you’ve made. Any additional investment toward these items is beneficial to your financial situation. 

Here’s how metal carports can add value to homes and autos.

Metal Carports Offer the Greatest Value

A metal carport, as opposed to other materials, offers the best value. Metal carports cost less to build and install when compared to other carport materials, so you essentially get more for your money. For a small investment in a metal carport, your home value can increase by as much as 20%. 


Customizable Metal Carports Can Be Designed to Match Your Home

Your metal carport can be custom made to assimilate to the style of your home. The color, texture, and shape can blend right into your current home’s exterior so that it doesn’t appear to be an add-on. A carport can be custom designed to fit the height and length of your home and accommodate as many vehicles as you need room for. 


Protect Your Vehicles From Weather Damage

There are many advantages to parking your vehicles under a carport. For one, you can avoid the effects the weather can have on the body of your vehicle. Sun, rain, snow, and ice can take their toll over time, causing peeling and fading paint, rusting of the body, and damage to the tires. Hail can damage your vehicle instantly, causing dents and chips in the paint during just one storm. Even your interior suffers damage from constant exposure to the sun. But not when you have a carport to offer protection from the elements. 


Preserve the Condition of Recreational Vehicles 

Do you own valuable recreational vehicles? If you have an RV, a boat, a motorcycle, or any other extra vehicles, a carport can preserve their condition as well by providing shelter from weather. If you only use your RV part of the year, parking it under a carport can prevent significant weather damage during the off season. 


Experience the Convenience of a Connected Metal Carport

Do you enjoy unloading groceries from the car in the rain? Or how about loading the car for a trip? An attached metal carport allows you to access your vehicle from your home while staying under a roof. Whenever you want to go somewhere, you no longer have to wait on the weather or grab an umbrella just to get to the car. No need to dash from the car into the house in the rain and no icy walkway to navigate in the winter time. 


A Detached Carport Adds Value to Your Property

There are plenty of benefits to a detached carport on your property as well. Carports can stand alone as shelters for vehicles as well as for dry storage of other items like wood, tools, or equipment. Carports can also be added onto other outbuildings such as barns or sheds. When you install a carport anywhere on your property, you are increasing the value of your entire homestead. 


An Open Carport Has Benefits Over an Enclosed Garage

Sure, an enclosed garage can be a great benefit to a home. But there are certain advantages that carports offer that a garage can’t. For one, a carport makes a great picnic shelter or other outdoor covered area. It offers better ventilation so it will stay cooler than a garage. It can be a workshop, an outdoor exercise space, or whatever else you need an outdoor covered space for. And it is definitely a less expensive home addition. 


A Concrete Foundation Offers Additional Value

For the purpose of parking vehicles as well as other uses, a concrete foundation for your metal carport is recommended. A concrete slab helps to protect tires from moisture and damage from sitting on the ground. It also encourages precipitation runoff. 


Vega Metal Structures and Concrete Offers Superior Value

Metal carports designed and installed by Vega Metal Structures are made with high quality materials at affordable prices. You can even design your own online to see what it will look like before you purchase it. 

FAQs About Metal Buildings

FAQs About Metal BuildingsAre you considering purchasing a metal building? Outbuildings, garages, sheds, carports, barns, are more cost-effective than ever because they can be assembled of prefabricated steel. These buildings are sturdy, affordable, and functional. But before you decide on a metal building in NC, check out some frequently asked questions to help you make your decision. 

How long does installation take?

It depends on the type of building, the size of the building, and the type of foundation you choose. A concrete foundation will need to be poured up to 72 hours before the building is installed to fully set. A larger building will take longer than a smaller building. There is no definite time frame for the installation of any building.  

What are my options for a foundation?

Metal buildings can be installed over bare ground, grass, gravel, or a concrete foundation. Concrete is recommended for the best results. It provides a level, solid foundation for your building to be anchored to. Concrete is also best for parking vehicles of any kind as the tires will stay clean and dry. 

Will my building be securely anchored?

Yes, each building is installed with a strong, secure anchoring system. Concrete foundations will have anchors set in the concrete. A building over the bare ground will have anchors placed deep in the ground to secure it. 

Are metal buildings customizable?

You can order a building that is completely custom-designed or purchase a prefabricated kit. A custom metal building will be sure to suit your purposes and fit exactly the dimensions you need. You can even customize the style and color. 

What type of metal is used?

All buildings from Vega Meal Structures are made of steel. Steel is resistant to rust, sturdy, durable, and affordable. 

Can I install the building myself?

You can install your metal building yourself if you have experience. It’s important that metal buildings are installed correctly on a level foundation. Incorrect installation could cause your building to leak, be weak in structure, and not last as long as it should. Professional installation by the manufacturer is recommended for the best results. 

Do I need a permit to install a metal building?

Before adding any structure to your property you may need a permit from the city and county where you live. You may also need to get permission from the HOA (Homeowner’s Association) if your neighborhood has one. 

Can I add on to my building later?

If you decide that you need a bigger building, additions are possible without having to replace the entire building.

Where is the best place to get a metal building in NC?

Vega Metal Structures and Concrete, LLC custom designs, manufactures and installs metal outbuildings of all kinds from garages to barns to sheds and more. Quality materials, precision engineering, concrete expertise, and reliable installation proves to be a winning combination. 

Call (336) 799-4416 to order your metal building today.

3 Tips for Insulating your Steel Building

steel buildingsSteel buildings are one of the easiest, most affordable options for adding a shed, garage, or other outbuilding to your property. Metal buildings in NC have a wide variety of uses from housing lawn equipment, to for commercial purposes such as a mechanic’s shop. 

Depending on the intended use of the building, it may be a good idea to include insulation. Insulation helps to keep the temperature more even inside the building and can also prevent moisture from collecting inside. If you’re considering adding insulation to your metal building, here are 3 tips. 


It’s best to install insulation during building

It is possible to add insulation later, but it will be more difficult. Planning for insulation when the building is designed and installed is the best way to ensure that the building itself and the items stored inside will be protected from the extreme temperatures. 

But in case you didn’t include insulation from the start and you want to add some now, or if there’s a metal building on the property you just bought that isn’t insulated, it’s definitely still possible to add it afterward. 


Choose the best type of insulation

 There is not just a one-size-fits-all type of insulation for all metal buildings in NC. There are a few different types that have distinct pros and cons. 

  • Radiant Barrier Insulation. This is the best option for insulation if you are adding it during the installation of your metal building because it must be placed between the frame and the panels. If your building is already constructed, it requires you to remove the panels from the frame to place the insulation and then put them back on. Radiant insulation is metallic, which transfers heat away from the building, making it the most efficient type of insulation for metal buildings. 
  • Spray Foam Insulation. When your building is already constructed with the panels in place, spray foam is an easier way to insulate your building. You won’t have to remove the panels, just spray the foam over the desired area and allow it to harden. The only downside is that once it hardens, it is very difficult to remove. But the benefit is that it seals off your building, keeping out pests as well as dust. 
  • Fiberglass Sheet Insulation. This is the pink or yellow cotton candy-looking insulation you often see in your attic, basement, or unfinished parts of a home. This type of insulation can be used, but the other methods are considered to be better as they are more moisture-resistant and are more likely to stay in place. 
  • Take fire resistance into account when choosing insulation. Whether your metal building will be a workspace or a place to store vehicles, there is always a higher risk of fire because of fuel and sources of heat. Be sure to use fire-resistant insulation. 


Vega Metal Structures Can Insulate your Metal Building

Whether you are planning to purchase a new metal building or you want to add insulation to your existing metal building, Vega Metal Structures and Concrete can help. Vega can recommend the best insulation options for metal buildings in NC and either install it as a part of your building installation or add it to your existing building. Call (336) 799-4416 today to speak with the experts at Vega Metal Structures and Concrete, LLC about insulation options.

5 Maintenance Tips for your Metal Garage

Metal garages are easy to upkeep. There’s not much that needs to be done to keep them in great condition, and most of it can be done yourself. If you have a metal garage in North Carolina, your maintenance needs may be different than other areas. Here are 5 maintenance tips for your metal garage.  

  1. Regular Inspections. It’s very important to inspect your metal garage often, because how will you know if anything is wrong if you don’t check? Making an intentional effort to spot potential problems can prevent big problems from happening, which saves you a lot of time and money. Look for things like holes, dents, rust, cracks, missing pieces, mold, mildew, algae, moss, and cracks in the concrete foundation.  
  2. Be Proactive. Take care of the things you notice during your inspection immediately. Perform any necessary repairs or contact the manufacturer of your metal garage in North Carolina and request repair service. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that a small problem could become a bigger problem.  
  3. Keep it clean. Just like your siding requires regular pressure washing, so does your metal garage. Be sure to wash it clean of dirt, algae, moss, mold, mildew, leaves, and other debris. All of those things can do damage to the metal and cause it to rust or weaken. If you own a pressure washer you can take care of this yourself, at least once a year. You can also rent a pressure washer or hire a pressure washing service.  
  4. Keep it dry. Of course, it will occasionally rain, snow, sleet, and hail, but you don’t want any wetness to linger. With a proper roof, the rain should run right off, but if there are any dents or low spots in the roof the water could pool and cause damage. Rarely does snow affect your metal garage in North Carolina, but when it does snow be sure to clear it off if it gets too heavy or lingers for more than a few days. A dry metal garage is a longer-lasting metal garage.  
  5. Keep it clear. That is, clear of trees, branches, and vegetation. While trees can provide shade, they also pose a risk to your metal garage. Trees and large branches could fall on your garage or simply drop leaves, seeds, twigs, and bark that may sit on the roof and eventually cause damage. Keep bushes and ground vegetation trimmed back and away from your garage, as even expanding bushes can cause damage to your metal garage walls.  

Vega Metal Structures can Repair, Maintain, and Install Metal Garages 

If you discover any problems during your garage inspection that you don’t feel comfortable handling yourself, call Vega Metal Structures. Any necessary repairs can be handled by Vega contractors, including cracks in your concrete foundation. If you don’t have a metal garage and are interested in getting one, Vega Metal Structures offers custom-made metal buildings, as well as installation and concrete services. Call today: (336) 799-4416.