Features you can Add to Enhance your Metal Building

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Metal Buildings in NC can be modified will all sorts of features and upgrades. Whether you’re just looking into purchasing a metal building for the first time or you want to make some improvements to your existing metal building, here are some add-ons to consider.


  • Skylights. Putting a few skylights in the roof of your metal building will let in natural light for a brighter space. You can also reduce your energy usage by reducing your use of electric lighting. 
  • Automatic garage door opener. Metal garages can be equipped with automatic door openers for your convenience. Open the door from a remote inside your car and pull right in. 
  • Insulation. Adding insulation is an energy-saving feature that can also make your building more comfortable. Whether or not insulation is worth adding depends on the use of the building. If people or animals will be spending much time inside, insulation is a worthwhile addition. It will also prevent condensation inside, protecting your valuable assets. 
  • Wainscoting. Both attractive and functional, wainscoting is an extra metal panel fitted along the bottom of the exterior of a metal building. It is usually a coordinating color with the trim of the building and helps to divert water away from the building. 
  • Cupolas. Typically seen on barn roofs, often adorned with a weathervane, a cupola adds character to a metal barn, giving it an authentic classic look. 
    • Lean-to. The roof can be extended out beyond the edge of the building far enough to create a porch, carport, animal housing, storage, or many other uses. The extra roof cover provides protection from the rain and diverts water away from the building, doors, and windows. 


    These are some of the many customizable options for metal buildings in NC. Adding a metal building will increase your property value in any case, but extra features will enhance the appearance and functionality, maximizing the value and appeal. 

    Customize your Metal Building with the Latest Features Available

    Vega Metal Structures designs and manufactures metal buildings in NC with a wide range of features, offering the latest options on the market. From skylights to wainscoting, metal buildings can be equipped with features that enhance convenience and aesthetics. Even with added features, metal buildings are still an affordable way to add storage, parking space, and more to your property. Call Vega Metal Structures today find out all the ways to customize your metal building: (336) 799-4416.

5 Reasons to Add Concrete to your New Metal Building

Storage buildingOf all flooring options for metal buildings, concrete still remains the most popular. Whether you are adding a garage, carport, shed, barn, or another outbuilding, a concrete slab is a solid foundation. Concrete has a lot of benefits. Just be sure to hire an NC concrete contractor to pour it properly, or you could run into a lot of problems. Consider the following reasons to include a concrete foundation in your metal building installation project. 


  • Sturdiness. Concrete is a sturdy foundation for your metal building. It doesn’t move, bend, or shift unless not installed properly. The occasional crack may occur, but typically only if the ground under the concrete was not properly prepared and leveled or if the concrete is abused in some way, such as with excessive weight or force. Cracks can be easily repaired by a licensed NC concrete contractor.
  • Solid surface to anchor your building. Metal buildings are sturdy, but only when well anchored. In extreme weather, a metal building could be damaged or even uplifted. But when anchored to a solid concrete foundation, it’s not likely to go anywhere. Anchor bolts are set into the concrete when it is poured and the walls of the building will be bolted securely into the concrete. 
  • Customizable. Concrete can be poured to the exact dimensions you need for your building. It is completely customizable in that way, making it easy to create a foundation that precisely fits the building you are constructing. You can plan for an extra concrete pad on any side of your building, for example, if you plan to include a lean-to. Add a driveway or parking area. The options are endless. 
  • Level surface. When the ground is properly prepared and leveled before pouring concrete, and as long as the concrete is poured and set correctly, you should end up with a level surface. A level surface is necessary for your metal building to be properly installed. Avoid a leaning or unstable building by starting with a concrete foundation. 
  • Resistance to moisture. Concrete is moisture-resistant, meaning it gets wet, but the water doesn’t damage it. Its water resistance makes it ideal for outbuildings where vehicles and tools may sometimes be put up wet. Mowers and lawn equipment, tractors and farm vehicles, pool equipment, and whatever else may be wet at the time of storage won’t damage the concrete floor of your metal building. Concrete can even be sealed or coated for additional moisture protection. 


Vega Metal Structures and Concrete, LLC Can Complete Your Entire Metal Building Addition

If you decide to start with a concrete foundation for your metal building, VMS can handle that as well as your building installation. Planning for the proper timeframe, VMS will prepare the surface, pour the concrete, install anchor bolts, and give it plenty of time to set before installing your building. Not all metal building companies are also NC concrete contractors, but Vega Metal Structures and Concrete, LLC can do it all. Call today to get your metal building project started: (336) 799-4416.

Metal Carport or Metal Garage? Which is the Best Choice for You?

Metal storage buildingMetal carports and garages add value to your home, offer convenience, protect your valuables, and much more. With all the benefits of metal buildings in North Carolina, the question isn’t whether or not you should add one, but which type to choose. This guide will help you determine the best option for you.

Start by Asking Yourself the Following Questions:


  • What is the purpose for the building? Are you looking for a place to park your car, store outdoor equipment, or park recreational vehicles? Do you have other plans for the space?
  • What will I store there? Are you planning to store items that need to be kept dry? What type of containers are the items in? How valuable are the items to be stored?
  • How much space do I need? How many vehicles will need to be parked inside the building? How much storage space will be needed to accommodate the items you wish to store?
  • What is my budget? Is there a limit to the budget you have to spend on the building?
  • What type of approval will be needed? Will you need a permit to have a metal building installed? Is there a Homeowner’s Association from which you will need to seek approval to add a building to your property?


The answers to these questions can help you focus on your needs and choose the right type of metal building for you.

Analyze Your Answers and the Choice is Simple

Consider your answers to the questions above. These answers, when truthful, can go a long way in helping you determine the best option for your family, home, and property.


  • Purpose. If the purpose of your metal building is to protect the vehicle you drive daily, a carport would probably be sufficient. A carport is most likely also sufficient for a boat, RV, or other recreational vehicles. 
  • Storage. If you’re looking for extra security or storage for valuables, you may need an enclosed garage. For items that need to be kept dry or under lock and key, a garage provides both. 
  • Space. Both a carport and a garage can be designed and built to the size you require. 
  • Budget. A carport costs less to build than a garage, so if your budget is limited, you may find that a carport is the best option for you. However, a metal garage is much less expensive to build than other types of enclosed garages, so you may find that you can afford a metal garage even on a tighter budget. 
  • Approval. Carports typically require fewer permits to build than a garage, however, your HOA may not approve a carport as readily as a garage. 


Metal Buildings in North Carolina are a Sound Investment, Whichever Type you Choose

By simply adding a metal storage building of any kind to your property, you have likely increased your property value. Whether you choose a carport or an enclosed garage, you gain some amazing benefits and save money. If you’re looking for a trusted source for metal buildings in North Carolina, call Vega Metal Structures: (336) 799-4416. Vega Metal Structures can design, build, and install your carport or garage, complete with a concrete floor, quickly and skillfully.

Tips for Securing your Metal Building

metal storage buildingMetal buildings are strong and sturdy, as long as they are properly installed. Whether or not you live in an area prone to tornadoes or severe weather, securing your metal outbuilding is very important. Whatever type of metal building you own, a storage shed building, garage, carport, barn, etc. there are some easy tips to help keep it secure in severe weather. 


  • Start with a Solid Foundation. It’s so important it’s become a well-known adage: a structure built on a solid foundation will stand strong. The same applies to your metal storage shed building. Concrete provides a solid foundation for metal buildings and is one of the most common floor types. It’s ideal for parking vehicles and basic storage and can also be coated with a protective layer for easy cleanup. 
  • Be Sure your Building is Properly Anchored. With a concrete foundation, your building can be anchored solidly with bolts that screw directly into the concrete. The security of your building depends on two pieces, the quality of the concrete and the quality of the anchor bolts. This is where it really pays to have a skilled team install your concrete and the building itself. 
  • Purchase a Quality Building. Another key element to having a secure storage shed building is the quality of the building and the materials from which it’s made. A solid foundation and strong anchor bolts won’t help if the building itself comes apart at the seams. Vega Metal Structures manufactures quality metal buildings and pours solid concrete foundations so that you can be sure your building will stand strong. 
  • Choose a Good Location on your Property. At the risk of sounding like a real estate agent, location is everything. Take the time to choose the right spot for your metal building on your property. Trees actually offer a lot of benefits, such as blocking wind, absorbing water, and providing shade. As long as the trees are healthy and sturdy, installing your storage shed building near or under trees can be extremely helpful. Just be sure to keep branches trimmed back from encroaching on the building and causing damage. Also be sure to install your building on a high spot where the ground slopes away from your building for water runoff. 


For Optimal Security, Have your Storage Shed Building Installed by Vega Metal Structures

If you want to do everything possible to be sure your metal building can withstand the weather, the best choice is expert installation. When you purchase a metal building, installation may incur an additional fee. But by allowing the experts to handle your installation you are protecting your investment. Don’t spend the money on a storage shed building just to have it blow away or suffer damage during the first strong storm. You need a solid concrete foundation and a sturdy building with strong anchors. Vega Metal Structures manufactures quality buildings and expertly installs them to ensure they will stay in place. Trust the professionals at Vega Metal Structures to secure your investment. Call (336) 799-4416.

Metal Building Maintenance Tips

When you spend money on a metal building you want to be sure it will last. In order to get the most use possible out of your building you’ll need to perform routine maintenance to prevent premature wear and tear. Metal buildings in North Carolina can last for decades when proper care is taken. Follow these metal building maintenance tips to keep yours looking good and functioning properly for many years.  

  • Trim trees and bushesCut back any bushes that are close enough to touch the building, as they can cause damage to the exterior. Keep trees trimmed and keep an eye out for dead branches that are likely to fall and damage the roof.  
  • Clear off snow. It doesn’t snow often on metal buildings in North Carolina, but when it does it’s important to clear the snow off as soon as possible. Snow puts an incredible amount of weight on the building and can promote rusting. 
  • Wash the exterior and interior. A pressure washer will usually do the trick to remove dirt and grime from the exterior. Inspect your metal building periodically and look for any signs of dirt buildup and wash your building if you see any. Dirt can eventually turn into mold or cause your building to prematurely rust. Simply keeping it clean will prolong the life of your building. How you wash the inside of your building will depend on how you use the interior and whether or not you have insulation. Spray, scrub, or wipe down interior walls and floors as you see fit. 
  • Keep gutters and drains clear. It’s necessary to fight the build-up of debris in your gutters and drains. A clogged drainage system can cause mold growth and rusting. Clear out drains, as necessary, more often if your building is under trees.  
  • Inspect all doors. Check on your doors frequently, including both garage doors and entry doors. Oil hinges and grease the moving parts of your sliding garage door, whether manual or automatic. Check weather stripping and make sure moisture isn’t leaking in. 
  • Check insulation. If your metal building is insulated, check for any cracks, holes, or signs of moisture which could turn into mold growth. Seal up any openings to prevent outside air and moisture from getting inside your metal building. 
  • Cosmetic maintenance. Occasionally you may need to prime and repaint some areas if you notice scratches or scrapes. Paint and primer offer a much needed layer of protection for the steel your building is made of.  

Take the Time to Protect your Investment 

Metal buildings are durable and offer an affordable alternative to wood or brick buildings. They even require less maintenance than buildings made of other materials, but maintenance is still necessary. Anything you own, if you want it to last, will likely require some type of maintenance. Whether it’s cleaning, repair, painting, etc. it’s an important step that will help to prolong the life of your building and allow it to function more efficiently. Metal buildings in North Carolina, though not as often exposed to ice and snow, will face a lot of humidity during the spring, summer, and fall. Humidity can cause moisture damage when not properly managed.  

If you have any questions about proper maintenance for your metal building, call VMS and Concrete: (336) 799-4416.  

Metal Building Installation Checklist

Before having a metal outdoor shed building installed there are some necessary preparations that need to be made. Whether it’s being installed by the manufacturer or you’re planning to do it yourself, being prepared means you don’t want to miss a single thing that would prevent your building from being started and completed on time. Follow this checklist to be sure your building site is ready to go on the day of installation. 

___ Obtain any necessary permits. If a permit is required for you to construct a metal outbuilding on your property, you must have obtained it before installation can begin.  

___ Clear all vegetation from the area. It’s important that everything from grass to weeds to bushes is cleared out from the building site. 

___ Level the area. Do your best to create a level base for your outdoor shed building. This could also be handled by your installers, but be sure to plan ahead of time who will handle this step.  

___ Concrete will need to be poured in advance. If your building will have a concrete floor, it must be poured at least 72 hours in advance to have plenty of time to set before installation. Be sure this is scheduled properly with your metal building supplier. 

___ Ensure open access to the building site. Move all vehicles, objects, or other obstacles that would prevent the building team from being able to access the construction area with their vehicles, equipment, and supplies.  

___ Establish an inclement weather plan. Know what to expect in the case that bad weather prevents the installation project from getting started or halts it mid-progress. Talk to your installers and establish an inclement weather plan in advance. 

By checking off each item on this list, you will be well prepared for installation of an outdoor shed building on your property. Stay in communication with your installers in case of any last minute changes or additional requirements. If you are planning to install your building yourself, many of these items still apply to some degree. Be sure to read all instructions that come with your kit before beginning your installation project. Have all the necessary tools and supplies ready in advance.  

Manufacturer Installation Offers Many Benefits 

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to have your outdoor shed building installed by the manufacturer. 

  • Ensure installation is done properly. If you want the job done right, hire a team with experience. VMS and Concrete manufactures and installs all products with accuracy and precision.  
  • Save time. VMS will have your metal building constructed quickly and efficiently.  
  • Reduce stress. Save yourself a lot of hassle by letting the experts handle the installation of your outdoor shed building. 

Call VMS and Concrete today and take advantage of the full range of services offered, from custom building design to installation, so you’ll know your building is in capable hands. (336) 799-4416  

Can a Metal Carport Increase your Home Value?

For homes without a garage, a carport is an alternative option with many benefits. Whether you’re thinking of adding one to shelter your vehicles or you’re simply looking for ways to add value to your home before selling, a carport is a wise investment. If you’re searching for companies that install metal carports in NC and beyond, consider the experts at VMS and Concrete, also known as Vega Metal Structures 

Adding a Metal Carport to your Home Offers Many Benefits 

  1. Increase your home’s value. Yes, adding a metal carport will increase the value of your home. This means you can increase your asking price when listing your home and you may get more interest and better offers from potential buyers.  
  2. Protect your vehicles from weather damage. A metal carport protects your vehicle from weather that can be damaging such as heavy rain, snow, and especially hail. Hail damage is extremely costly to repair, and depending on the type of auto insurance you have, it may not be covered. And of course, if it is covered, there is always the insurance deductible that must be satisfied.  
  3. Add storage space to your home. metal carport offers additional outdoor storage for bicycles, ATVs, sporting equipment, RVs, motorcycles, and whatever else you may want to protect from the weather.  
  4. Less expensive than a garage. You will find that a metal carport is a much more affordable addition than a closed-in garage. When attempting to increase the value of your home with improvements, you can spend less and still get back more in resale value. However, if a 4-wall garage is what you prefer, a metal garage is an affordable alternative to wood or brick.  
  5. Low Maintenance. There isn’t much upkeep necessary for metal carports in NC, partly due to the relatively mild climate. Your carport may need an occasional pressure wash, but otherwise, it should simply do its job to shelter your vehicles.  
  6. Versatility. A carport can double as a picnic shelter, an overflow space for entertaining, an outdoor play area that’s sheltered from the rain, a workshop or crafting spot, and much more.  

The numerous benefits outweigh the cost of metal carports as well as other metal buildings. They are a valuable addition to any home, both in current use and resale.  

Fully Customizable Options for a Seamless Transition 

You may wonder if a metal carport can be added to any home without looking out of place. The good news is that carports by VMS and Concrete are fully customizable to blend in with the current color, style, and shape of your home’s exterior. The addition to your home will look seamless, as if it was a part of the original design. VMS also specializes in concrete, providing your carport with a solid, level floor that is ideal for parking vehicles of all kinds. Other metal structures available are outbuildings, sheds, barns, and enclosed garages.  

Call VMS and Concrete today to ask about all the different options for metal carports in NC: (336)799-4416. 

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Metal Building

Are you in the market for a metal building? There’s a lot to consider when making such a big decision. While buying and constructing a metal building may seem like a simple process, there’s more to it than you might think. Before you start shopping for outbuildings or metal garages in NC and surrounding areas, be sure to avoid these common mistakes. 

  1. Buying the Wrong Building. If you’re going to spend the money and effort constructing a metal building, it’s worth the time to be sure you’re choosing the right building type. Think about how you plan to use the building and make a list of requirements based on your plans. Consider size, style, shape, doors, flooring, color, windows, and any other detail that matters. Then purchase a building with the help of a knowledgeable sales associate with experience selling outbuildings and metal garages in NC and beyond 
  2. Not Being Prepared. In some areas, you must have a permit to construct a metal building on your property. Whether residential or commercial, there are often zoning or HOA regulations that require permission for construction projects of any size. Talk to your metal building manufacturer about meeting the necessary requirements and obtaining any necessary permits.  
  3. Attempting a DIY with No Experience. You may think you can save on labor costs by purchasing a do-it-yourself metal building kit. This is true and VMS and Concrete does have those available, but you should only purchase one if you have the experience necessary to construct the building yourself. Lack of experience can lead to a failed project that will most likely cost you more than it would have in the first place if you had hired experienced staff to construct the building for you.  
  4. Choosing the Cheapest Option. Saving money is nice, but you often get what you pay for. You’re already saving money by purchasing a metal building over many other types of materials, so look for good value from a company with a good reputation and reviews.  
  5. Incorrectly Estimating the Cost. Be sure you know exactly what you’re getting into from a cost standpoint. The building itself is only part of the total cost to consider. There’s also flooring, labor, permit fees, taxes and even additional needs depending on the use of the building, such as electricity, plumbing, interior finishing, and perhaps more. If one business is handling your entire project, be sure to go over the total cost estimate thoroughly. In cases where you might be handling some things yourself and other parts will be handled by different contractors, you’ll want to make sure you total all of the various costs beforehand to be sure your project is within your budget.  

Vega Metal Structures and Concrete Won’t Let you Make these Mistakes 

If you want to be sure to avoid these common mistakes, buy your metal building from VMS & Concrete. Experienced sales associates will help you choose the right building from an extensive inventory of sheds, barns, carports, outbuildings, and metal garages in NC, and help you through the process every step of the way. Call Vega Metal Structures today: (336) 799-4416.