10 Ways to Prep your Metal Structure for Winter

Prep your metal structure for winterDo you have a metal outbuilding or garage? If so, is it ready for winter? If you don’t have much experience winterizing metal buildings in NC, or if you’re thinking of purchasing one and you’re wondering what kind of winter preparations it will require, consider these 10 tips. 

Sweep it out

With a broom or a blower, clear out all debris from inside the building. Don’t leave anything that can hold moisture or corrode the floor or walls. Clear out cobwebs and nests of any kind. 

Clean it off

Use a pressure washer to spray down the building, both the roof and outer walls. Dirt and plant debris that is left on the building when winter weather sets in can cause rust or deterioration, especially when covered with a layer of snow or ice. 

Clear out gutters

Remove leaves, dirt, and other debris from your gutters, either by hand or with a pressure washer. It’s very important that water is able to run off properly during the winter to prevent ice from forming and causing damage to gutters or other parts of the building. 

Trim back greenery

Trim trees and bushes away from the building, especially the roof. Tree branches, leaves, and other plant matter can cause damage to the roof and outer walls of your metal building. 

Inspect and repair seals

Check the seals around windows and doors, especially the garage door. Make sure there are no gaps between the walls and the roof and foundation. If you find any, seal them up or replace damaged weather stripping.  

Inspect and add insulation

Inspect the building’s insulation and be sure it is sufficient to prevent condensation from forming on the inside of the walls. Add insulation as necessary. 

Properly store organics

Do you store items such as potting soil or pet food in your metal shed or garage? If so, store them in airtight containers to prevent moisture from invading and causing spoilage. 


Before closing up your shed or garage for the winter, do a little tidying up. Put things in their proper place if they aren’t already and organize things so that you can find them easily when you open it up in the spring. 


Get rid of things you don’t need. As you organize you’re bound to find some items you don’t really use. Sell, donate, or throw things away as you see fit and you’ll have more storage space for your spring yard supplies like bags of mulch and fertilizer. 

Lock it up

Security is just as important during the winter, if not more so. Make sure you securely lock your metal outbuilding to protect your belongings while not in use. 

Purchase Solid, Secure Metal Buildings in NC 

If you want the best chance of preventing possible winter damage to your metal outbuilding or garage, these tips can help. But maintenance can only do so much. It’s important to purchase a sturdy, reliable building from the start. Vega Metal Structures manufactures and installs top quality metal buildings in NC. You can get a new building now that is already winterized and ready for the season ahead. Call (336) 799-4416 today for a free quote on winter-ready metal buildings in NC. 

5 Things You Need to Know about Zoning Permits for your Metal Building

zoning permits for metal buildingsThinking about adding a metal outbuilding to your property? Whether you’re considering a backyard shed, garage, barn, or other type of building, you may need one or more permits to do so. There are a few factors that determine the need for a permit, so before you start shopping for metal buildings in NC, here are some things you need to know. 


Size is an important factor when it comes to zoning permits

A small shed, such as 8×10 or smaller, will rarely require a permit to install. However, anything bigger may be susceptible to zoning restrictions. If you have any questions at all about the size of the metal building you want to install and whether or not you need a permit, it would be best to consult your city or county building permit department. 

The intended use of the building matters

If you plan to use it for storage, you might need a permit. If you plan to use the building as a business, you will need a permit. Commercial zoning laws come into play when an outbuilding or garage is installed for business use. Adding a garage, whether attached or detached will require a permit. 

The location and placement of the building may be restricted by zoning laws

In some areas, an outbuilding can only be placed in the backyard. Placement in regards to fences, trees, other buildings, and property lines are mandated by the city or county in which the building will be installed. 

If your building will have electricity, a permit is usually necessary

If your shed will be wired for electricity, even for just a basic overhead light, a permit will likely be needed. All electrical requirements must be met for safety. Metal buildings in NC cannot draw too much electricity from a home’s supply without causing potential problems. It’s best to have a licensed electrician handle the wiring for your metal building. 

Your homeowner’s association may have by-laws that apply to outbuildings

Something else to consider when adding a metal building to your property is your homeowner’s association, if there is one. HOAs often have by-laws governing the size, placement, and even the style and color of outbuildings. In some neighborhoods, an outbuilding has to have siding that matches the house. It may be against your HOA by-laws to install a shed in the front yard. There may be sizing regulations and other specifications that must be complied with as well. 


Vega Metal Structures will Customize your Metal Building to Meet any and all Requirements

When you seek to obtain a permit for metal buildings in NC you will be given information about zoning requirements in your area. Vega Metal Structures can custom design your building to meet codes so that you can be sure your building is legal. Sheds, barns, garages, carports, and more are all designed and installed by Vega Metal Structures in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. 

Call (336) 799-4416 to inquire about metal buildings for your property.