Can Outdoor Metal Buildings Withstand Hurricanes?

Living in North Carolina, hurricanes are always a threat. While everyone hopes that a major hurricane never takes aim at their region, the possibility is looming. So, whenever you think about building a new structure on your property, hurricanes are an important thing to keep in mind. Metal buildings can face the brunt of hurricane conditions and come out standing on the other side, but they need to be properly designed and constructed.


If you are shopping for a sturdy metal shed for your residential or commercial property, Vega Metal Structures should be your first call. With a range of structures available and a track record of excellent customer service, Vega is an easy pick for this project.


The Obvious Threat

The tremendous winds that come with a hurricane are the major threat to your outdoor metal shed. Since metal buildings are relatively light compared to wooden structures, the wind could potentially pull them from the ground and send them flying into the air. However, by taking the proper precautions to prepare for such an event, you can make sure your metal structure can survive whatever Mother Nature has in store.


Proper Design is Critical

If building a new metal structure in a hurricane zone, it’s important to design the building strategically from the start. For one thing, putting in a good foundation that will stay in place while the hurricane rolls through is a solid starting point. Metal sheds that are placed on bare soil will have a harder time surviving harsh conditions because they won’t have firm footing – the heavy rains can erode that soil and rob the shed of its support.


Also, using quality steel that has been coated to resist rust can help a metal building fare better in a hurricane. This is why it’s so important to shop with a trusted name like Vega Metal Structures. You want to be sure to get a product that is made from materials that are likely to hold up over the long run.


Attending to an Older Metal Building

What if you already have a metal structure on your property and you don’t think it is prepared to deal with hurricane conditions? It’s possible to retrofit the structure with a kit that will give it a better chance to hold up in high winds and heavy rains. Anchoring the shed to the ground through the use of straps and plates might not guarantee that the building will get through a hurricane, but it will be better prepared for those conditions than if it was left alone.



Weigh Your Risks and Get Help

The risk that a hurricane will present to your buildings depends on a number of factors, including the exact location of your property. To figure out how to prepare for this kind of event, work with a metal building supplier like Vega who can bring experience and knowledge to the discussion. It’s better to plan for something like a hurricane in advance than to scramble at the last minute to make arrangements. With the right steps taken and a sturdy building put in place, you will be able to get many years of reliable service out of your investment.

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