Prefab Metal Better Than Stick Built Shed?

Are you planning on adding a shed to your property? If so, there are a couple of ways to go about it. You could build one on site out of wood, or you could order a prefabricated metal building that just needs to be installed. While both have their benefits, there are many reasons why a prefab metal building is the better choice. 

Advantages of a Prefabricated Metal Buildings

If you’re trying to decide between prefabricated metal buildings and stick built sheds, here are the biggest advantages to metal.


  • A prefab metal building is more affordable than a stick built shed. Once you add up the cost of materials and the time it takes to build a wood outbuilding, you’ll see the difference immediately. Metal building manufacturers buy materials in bulk and can make these buildings quickly and efficiently, which reduces the overall cost. 
  • Quick to Install. Metal building installation is fast. The pieces go together quickly and easily, only taking a small team of installers to construct it. Once the foundation is prepared, the building itself can go up in a single day in many cases. You can even do it yourself if you’re so inclined. Some metal buildings come preconstructed and only need to be anchored down. 
  • Even though metal buildings are prefabricated doesn’t mean they can’t still be customized. Every detail from size, windows, door style, color, accents, and more can be made exactly the way you want it. Customization is easier with prefab metal than with stick-built designs. Metal buildings can even be made to match the color of your home to comply with the requirements of your homeowner’s association. 
  • Prefabricated metal buildings are made of steel, which is durable, rust-resistant, pest-resistant, and low maintenance. It only requires an occasional washing, as opposed to wood, which is susceptible to rotting due to moisture, pests like wood bees, and other effects of weather. Steel simply lasts longer.  
  • Concrete foundation. Metal buildings are often installed on a concrete foundation, which is remarkably sturdy and stands the test of time. It also provides a flat, dry foundation for storage, vehicles, and any other purpose. 


Why Purchase a Prefabricated Building by Vega Metal Structures And Concrete?

In addition to the benefits of prefab buildings in general, metal buildings by Vega Metal Structures and Concrete have their own distinct advantages. VMS is also a concrete expert,  pouring the concrete foundation for your metal building to the exact specifications needed for it. Vega Metal Buildings are made from top quality steel and precision engineering. You can design your own outbuilding using our online design tool and order it directly from the website. 


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